I am a choreographer and filmmaker that makes non-fiction work about trauma recovery, the connection between physical and emotional pain, vulnerability, and resistance. My struggle to overcome a head injury and consequential chronic pain has radically changed my creative practice over the last five years. As a dancer, I relied on movement to communicate my thoughts and feelings. After the injury, this outlet for processing emotion and making art was not possible. My transition into filmmaking fulfilled my need to work in a medium that did not hurt me, while meeting my passion for choreography, rhythm, and time-based art forms. My history as a choreographer is embedded in my videos through gesture, performance, and improvisation. I find movement in landscapes and objects to express psychological states, and use text and voice-over to create braided narratives. My image collages resist traditional linear structure; a metaphor for the fragmented nature of trauma and pain.

My motivation for making personal work began as an experiment: If I free feelings held inside my body, stories that I have never told out of shame, fear, or humiliation- would my chronic physical pain lessen? I do not want to live in shame anymore. I demand to be seen as a woman, feminist, and artist. By confronting and sharing my stories, I desire to connect with others and continue my own journey of empowerment, recovery, and healing.



contact: kymmcdaniel at gmail