I am a filmmaker, choreographer, and performer currently exploring themes of trauma recovery, resistance, and vulnerability.  My work braids narratives of autobiography in an attempt of reclaiming my body and it’s memories. My motivation for making non-fiction work began as an experiment rooted in my own experience. I began to explore what I understood as an inextricable relationship between emotional and physical chronic conditions and pain. For me, the central questions concern not only the personal, individual connection between chronic pain and emotion, but also how these feelings are dealt with and/or ignored within our culture.


My training as an Alexander Technique teacher and work in Dance (BFA) and Psychology (BA) are foundational to my current creative research and process. I believe the body as the site of imprinted memories, physical and emotional traumas, and sensational experiences. My history as a mover is embedded in my videos through gesture, performance, and improvisation. I use image collages to resist traditional linearity; a metaphor for the fragmented nature of trauma, pain, and healing.

I have an MFA in Film, Video, Animation & New Genres from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where I currently teach in the Department of Dance and Department of FVANG.