Summer Series 2017: 5x5

Company Brewing, Grapefruit Studios

July 14 2017



9pm Pre Show Introduction


Hi everyone. My name is Kym, I am the curator and director of tonight's show. Thank you for coming out. I wanted to say a couple things before we get started. 

Thank you to Bill Berens in the Film Department for lending us the equipment for tonight. I also wanted to thank my friends Hannah and Jacob who have been here all day and have been so supportive and generous. Lastly, the Dance Department at UWM. All of the choreographers tonight are alum of the UWM's dance department- kickass!  Last night we had our dress rehearsal in Mitchell 395 which felt a lot like coming home.


In thinking about tonight, I was reminded of a podcast I recently listened to by meditation teacher Tara Brach. In passing, she mentioned that "creativity is created out of chaos".  I thought was fairly relevant for the work you'll see tonight.


Ok! Two program changes. The first is that the fourth piece night, Chloe's Nagle's work, has a title change. It is now called Chicken Bark.

The second is that in the final piece, In the Shell, there is the note that Nicole Spence will be dancing for me in this 9pm concert. I am very grateful for Nicole to come in and have learned the work several weeks ago. I realized about two weeks ago that I would be asking too much of myself to dance both shows tonight. As brief contextualization for those of you who don't know me, I had a head injury several years ago that really has asked me to radically change my life. When you live in chronic pain long enough, I think you start to expect that things will go wrong... but... I am pleasantly surprised that I feel ok right now... Thank you Nicole for coming in and learning the piece, and thank you to the collaborators and friends that have offered their support to make this moment possible. 


Enjoy the show, please say hi to us after.  Thank you.